Life’s a garden- dig it!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a garden. We may not see any fruits of our labor for a while, but a garden is present and we will wait for the goodies. We had been planning to do some sort of garden for a while. It was a project that neither of us have ever done before, but we figured why not give it a shot. A disclaimer I should share here is that I have a black thumb. Meaning I kill plants. Even the ones that they say will grow no matter what.  I had an orchid- it died within a month. I had a succulent that was supposed to last a year. Died within a few weeks. It isn’t for a lack of watering them though. Oh well. So it should be interesting to see if this garden actually sprouts anything. Here are a few pictures from our progress.

Conner drew the plan of our garden seeds. We planted tomatoes, red peppers, jalapenos, onions, and green beans.

Step one was building the raised planter.

Once we filled the box with soil, we divided the soil into the measurements according to Conner’s drawing.

Now that everything is planted we must wait for the action to begin!

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