2012: A year in review

2012 was a great year for our family. We grew a lot as a married couple as well as personally. A lot of changes took place whether on the surface or behind closed doors. Either way, 2012 goes down as a great year filled with many memories and progress on my 101 in 1001 project started over 2 years ago. Below is a quick recap as well as links to a look at each of the months in 2012. Days like this remind me of why I blog- to remember all of the adventures that this crazy thing called life throws at us!

January  We kicked off 2012 with Conner’s new job, living in our rental home while also trying to find somewhere else to move, and a promise to spend more quality date time together. Some of the highlights of the dates included going to Callaway Gardens and reupholstering my grandmother’s chair. We also began the process of finding a small group to connect with in our community to grow in our spiritual journey. I am SO thankful for that step as we have grown tremendously as individuals and as a married couple. Can we talk about how small our little Brinkley was? warmFebruary: We found a new home, moved in with the help of our wonderful friends and family, and spent a lot of time exploring our new “hood”. We made a date day of visiting Scott’s Antique Market for the first time and of course celebrated love. Photo_12A996F0-1309-928A-A8B8-72E14B2BBE24March March was filled with travel for work to Denver Colorado where I also had the chance to speak at the conference. We also visited the local park and tried out some new recipes. I also had the chance to do some scrapbooking as well as a quick trip to Florida with my sister. Yay crafts!

April We tried our thumbs and gardening. Conner was super successful in growing Green Beans, Jalapenos and broccoli. I on the other hand killed my flowers within a few days. April being Easter was also a great time with family.

May Family is always the theme of May. Mother’s day, my dad’s birthday, a mini family reunion, and of course Conner‘s Birthday keeps us traveling the roads a lot to spend some quality time with our loved ones. 459452_556841803785_138400166_31060881_1760779396_oJune Oh June how I loved you and your inspiration. We traveled to New York City which goes on the record as one of my favorite places. Watching the Ball drop at Midnight on New Years Eve actually made me want to jump on a plane the next day. June was also filled with pool time, craft time, and of course some dates 🙂527051_559064130225_2004557446_n

July I spent a little time being a better wife in the stereotypical sense of the word 😉 I tried some new recipes and made my all time favorite craft that has been so good for our marriage. We also had some fun dates to paint pottery , dress up like cows, and listen to some live music with my parents. Aym9S4WCMAAqk_RAugust August started with a bang that made us live on edge for the coming months (and even to this day!)Happy 1 year Anniversary to us! We did take some time for a surprise date planned by muah and to travel to New Orleans for a work trip. The month was also topped off by being named one of Rejuvenate Magazine’s top Influencers. 264830_564730644485_1041237890_nSeptember A beach trip to cap off the summer and then a trip to Las Vegas for Work. I also spent some fun time celebrating the bride-to-be as well as starting my own Etsy Shop!546191_566170374255_2087573423_n

October October was mixed with feelings. Conner got and started a new job, I went to a really exciting workshop, My paternal grandmother passed away who was my last living grandparent, and we began looking for a house. So many emotions in October which resulted in a lot of reflection and not a lot of blogging. As far as travel goes I made it out to Columbus Ohio for a work Conference as well as I was a bridesmaid in my “big sister’s” wedding. Conner ended October and kicked off November in North Carolina for his job.

November Needless to say this month was a whirlwind. Between Conner and me we were in Raleigh and Winston Salem North Carolina, South Carolina, and Chicago. We also took time to visit our families, especially my little brother at his half-time show for High school. We also found the perfect community for us to begin building our home. 2013 is already looking good 🙂

December December is one big holiday month. Between Christmas, New Years, Family in town, and my sister graduating from school-it was a busy month. I did find a little time to carve out for me to plan a surprise date for Conner. 379119_570292777925_1074376770_nOverall 2012 was a great year filled with family, friends, travel, and growth(including little Brinkley who is now a whopping 24 lbs). I am so grateful for what a difference a year makes. I am excited for 2013 as we have big dreams in store which I will share a little bit about once we have our “State of our Union” date this weekend. Cheers to 2013

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2 Responses to 2012: A year in review

  1. Bubba says:

    Awesome and sweet. Sounds like a lot of SPICE!!!!!!!!!

  2. Em says:

    So fun! Your doggie is so cute 🙂

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