101 in 1001: March Update

March was busy, and clearly so is April since i have yet to post an update for March on my progress. During March, a lot of progress was made on the 101 in 1001 project.


#17 Create wedding album

#18   Create a shadowbox of wedding mementos

#52- 4 hours of volunteering

#54 Hand written letter

63.   Write 3 letters to a company when I receive great service (2/3): I wrote a Yelp Review about a recent restaurant I visited while in Denver. The dessert lounge was called Carve. If you are ever in Downtown Denver, check it out.

#66 Make 3 meals a week

#69 Go on a picnic

#92 Be a guest Speaker at three meetings or conferences. Done! Speaking is one of my favorite things to do so including it on my 101 list was more to push me to do thing I love. One of the main reason I went to Denver was to speak at a conference. My hope is that even though I have completed this goal, my speaking arrangements won’t stop there.

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