101 in 1001

Mandy is currently working on a 101 in 1001 project. See her list below and follow along with her progress.

This list is being started today (January 1, 2011) and will end September 28, 2013. Many things will change over these next 2 1/2 years. I have filled the list with things I have been wanting to accomplish and have put off. I have also filled the list with items to help me build stronger relationships with the people I love most. I have purposefully left a few items blank, since I know many life changes will be happening over the next 2 1/2 years. This is my way of leaving room for change. I will post my progress on this blog, but don’t worry, it will not take away from your regular programming ;)

January 1, 2011-September 27, 2013

Goals Complete: 78/101 Goals In Progress: 10/23
Last Updated: October 1, 2013

Bold marks a completed item
Italics marks a partially completed or in-progress item

101 in 1001:


1.       Make a quality friend.

2.       Get married.

3.       Go on a date a month for 6 months. (5/6)

4.       Plan three surprise dates for Conner (3/3)

5.       Call someone once a week for a month just to catch up. (2/4)

6.       Lunch date with my Mommy

7.       Date night with my Daddy


8.       Make plans with a new friend

9.       Send Christmas cards.

10.   Invite people over to dinner once a month for six months  (5/6)

11.   Host a dinner party.

12.   Have a girl’s night once every other month (12/16)

13.   Have a double-date with friends once every other month (10/16)


14.   Put all Project 365 pictures into albums (0/2)

15.   Get a custom emboss stamp made.

16. Make birthday cards and greeting cards to have on-hand and send

17.   Create wedding album

18.   Create a shadowbox of wedding mementos

19.   Finish College Scrapbook


20.   Go on a vacation outside of the US

21.   Go to NYC

22.   Go strawberry picking.

23.   Take a weekend trip to a different city.

24.   Go to the airport to solely people watch

25.   Take a girls only trip

26.   Take a completely impulsive, spur of the moment road trip with husband

27.   Visit a winery for a tasting

28.   Ask a friend to make a list of 5 movies to watch and vise versa. Switch list and complete within 30 days.


29.   Transfer files from old computer.

30.   Create a Google Reader

31.   Organize family and friend’s birthdays in one place

32.   Clean tarnished jewelry

33.   Legally change my name

34.   Change name on credit cards, etc.


35.   Not eating out for 1 month straight. (30/30)

36.   No French Fries for 30 days (30/30)

37.   Keep a prayer journal.

38.   Go to a movie by myself.

39.   Write down 5 good things a day for a month straight (7/30)

40.   Identify 100 things that make me happy (92/100)

41.   Identify 25 things I like about myself

42.   Reach a realistic weight (As of 10/1/2013 lost 38 lbs since 06/01/2013)

43.   Take a dance class

44.   Try two new classes at the gym

45.   Floss every day for a month (3/30)

46.   Work out three times a week, four weeks in a row (4/4)

47.   Go one whole week without internet (voluntarily).

48.   Go for one week without watching television

49.   Join a Sunday School Class

50.   Pre-marital counseling through a Church


51.   Do five random acts of kindness. (5/5)

52.   Volunteer 101 hours (101/101)

53.   Surprise someone. (with a visit, flowers, something nice)

54.   Write 10 handwritten letters (10/10)

55.   Invest my time in someone, be intentional.

56.   Find an organization or missionary to support consistently.

57.   Treat a friend out to coffee

58.   Pray for someone for a month straight.

59.   Pay 10 strangers compliments (8/10)

60.   Purge and donate old clothes from closets at least three times (3/3)

61.   Pay for the person behind me at a toll or drive thru

62.   Serve food at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter

63.   Write 3 letters to a company when I receive great service (3/3)

64.   Make cupcakes from scratch

65.   Take a cooking class

66. Make dinner at least 3 nights a week, two weeks in a row

67.   Try 30 new recipes (30/30)


68.   Attend a Scrapbooking Convention

69.   Go on a picnic with Conner.

70.   Get a DSLR

71.   Go see a play.

72.   Read 15 books (15/15)

73.   Go to a drive-in movie.

74.   Get a massage.

75.   Try ten new restaurants (10/10)

76.   Go to the ballet

77.   Let someone else add to the list (I get final veto)

78.   Don’t leave my bed for one whole day.


79.   Put away $200 a month for 6 months straight. (6/6)

80.   Pay off Student Loans.

81.   Start and stick to a budget.

82.   Cut coupons and try to save some $ for 3 months. (0/3)

83.   Do not buy anything for myself for one whole month.

84.   Have checks printed under joint account

85.   Get free credit report

86.   Set up 401K

87. Create a financial plan with the hubby

88.   Streamline automatic bill paying


89.   Land a full-time job/career

90.   Make a portfolio.

91.   Buy a domain.

92.   Be a guest speaker at three meetings or conferences (3/3)

93.   Meet at least two bloggers/tweeps in person. (2/2)

94.   Attend a professional conference/seminar a year (3/3)

95.   Blog daily for 30 consecutive days (30/30)

96.   Host a giveaway at my blog


97. Get a Dog (Conner’s Choice)

98. Present as a Keynote Speaker

99. Buy A house



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