Baby Fox and Hound Status

Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Newborn-P-Favorites-4191Brinkley is slowly warming up to our newest family member. And I do mean slowwwwllllyyyy. The first day we brought Parker home, Brinkley wanted nothing to do with his presence. We ventured to a dog park the second day, and his territorial big brother senses came out. Other dogs circled the stroller to sniff out the little human and Brinkley swooped in to make sure no one was hurting him.

The last 15 weeks we have discovered that Brinkley only gets close enough to sniff out the dirty diapers and “check on” his brother. He will walk into his room to make sure he is sleeping but immediately walk right back out.Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Newborn-P-Favorites-4287.JPG

I think the funniest thing is the fact that while he doesn’t like to be close to Parker, he loves to cuddle up during feeding times. The barrier between the pillows and Parker is enough to make him comfortable. Brinkley will even allow Parker to sit near him, but only if Brinkley is fully covered in a blanket. That kills me. BUT the moment you uncover the blanket and Brinkley discovers it is in fact the little human rather than an adult, he bounces off the couch quicker than you can say “#babyfoxandhound”.2015-12-28 16.11.57.jpg

We did have a tiny moment of Brinkley showing his love to Parker a few weekends ago when they both settled in to a nap on the bed. Brinkley didn’t think anyone was around so I snapped a quick photo. Baby steps….literally…as the only thing worth noting of a cuddle in this photo are the fact that their toes are touching.

2015-12-06 08.42.44-1

Maybe one day they will be best friends and Brinkley will allow Parker to pull on his ears and snuggle endlessly watching movies. Until then, I will just look at this picture of when Brinkley was covered in a blanket, and snuggled on top of Parker.

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