Life Lately

Things are a little quiet on the home front as we are getting in to a new routine for 2012. Conner started a new job  5 days ago and is loving it. He is also loving the new found freedom that comes from being done with school and not having to study every single second of his free time. Here he is on his first day as a Career Man.

As for me, I am in the midst of boxes as we are about to move. Yeah, you heard that right; we are leaving our little home and moving to our new digs. What can I say, we live on the edge. We needed a bigger place for our little family and somewhere that was in the middle of Conner’s new job is and my job. Here is a picture of the house we will be moving to in a few weeks.

I hope you are enjoying your week. I can’t help but to think back to last year, on this day, how we were in the midst of the Atlanta Snowpocalypse. Man I could use some snow in my life right now. That or a visit to the beach. Oh well…..back to reality.

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