Mandy and I had so much fun in the snow yesterday! During the first closing of Georgia Tech in our history there, we knew that we had to make the best of it. I trekked across the frozen tundra that was Atlanta to Chick-fil-a because the chef at Mandy’s sorority house couldn’t make it in and everyone needed to eat. I got an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour and even got to help make some of the sandwiches, much to the disappointment of Mandy. She was a little jealous to say the least. After lunch, we made our way up Freshman Hill and did some sledding on street signs (that we didn’t steal!).

Photo credits to Molly Parker

Mandy of course had to have a photo shoot so we also took some pictures in the awesome snow.

After a break to watch movies and drink hot chocolate, we ventured back out and fought our way through the layer of ice to build a snowman. He was named Lil’ Freezy, but he tragically died when we tried to move him and his head fell off.

Finally, we just have to share this photo of the Georgia Tech Hotel from their website. I wish it could look like this when we get married there!

I hope everyone enjoyed their snow day as much as we did and can find some more exciting things to do today before they have to go back to work!

About Conner Volpe

I'm an aerospace engineer and I love to do woodworking projects in my free time. We love living in Suwanee, Georgia and serving the Lord in our community. I really enjoy swimming, running, cycling, and anything active. Look for my posts about our house, the Fox Den, for more info on projects we have completed!
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  1. Molly says:

    Thanks for the photo credits!

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