Christmas 2011 Recap

Christmas 2011 goes down in the books as the start of new traditions and the creation of new memories. Leading up to Christmas we worked on some craft projects for the Pinterest-themed Christmas my family decided on this year. We all thought it would be fun to hand make each other’s gifts. One of the gifts we made was for my sister’s race bibs. I forgot to capture a finished product picture, however here it is before we put the hooks onto the board for the bib. We also attached three hooks on the bottom for her medals.

We also made some baked goods. Little gingersnaps with festive stencils (including a snowman with a bowtie on) and I made some Santa hat chocolate covered pretzels. While we are talking about food I will show you the cake push pops I made with the gift from Santa.

This year we had very limited time for holiday festivities and therefore wanted to reduce the stress of driving across Georgia to visit our families every single day. We decided to spend the 23rd with Conner’s parents as that would be when the majority of his family was there, and we spent  Christmas Eve with my parents. Christmas day was all about just our little family which was perfect to truly reflect on the holidays and unwind after the last few months.

Christmas morning Conner woke up super early out of sheer excitement for the day’s festivities. With the Yule log and Christmas music playing in the background, Conner made some Stuffed French Toast with Bacon. I have never had this before, but it was SO good. Definitely the start of a new tradition. After breakfast, reading the Christmas story, and opening presents, we called our families. It was very different for both of us to not be in our parent’s house for Christmas morning. It was a bit of a change for all parties involved, but it is all part of growing up and becoming our own family. I enjoyed our little family time and the few photos we snapped on Christmas Day to remember the memories.

As for the rest of the day, we headed downtown to see a movie. 

After the movie finished Conner cooked a fantastic dinner for us before we capped off the night lounging on the couch with the little furry baby. It was the perfect way to spend the Christmas days. We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones!

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