Doggone Good Birthday Pawty for Brinkley

I love a good celebration. I also love my dog like he were a furry child. For those reasons alone we couldn’t let our fur-baby’s 3rd birthday go by with out a little fun party. You can put me in the same category as “crazy dog lady”. I give you full permission to judge me as you read how we celebrated with a little paw-ty.

I think the best thing about a celebration is the little details to make sure the “guest of honor” feels special. Well, for dogs it is a little different, but I still applied the same things to his party.

  1. Activity Brinkley likes
  2. Food he enjoys that others would enjoy eating too. This includes a snack, dessert, and a main course.
  3. Party decorations to carry out the theme.

So for our Birthday Paw-ty we did the following things:

Doggie Birthday Paw-tyFor the evening we took little Brinkley to the dog park to play with his friends and then celebrated with a doggie pupcake. We picked it up at a local dog shop as a treat from him and he LOVED it. At first he was confused by the saucer-sized treat, but once he licked it and we cut into the treat he was obsessed. Luckily for us, we grabbed the second half of the treat before he could eat it so that he could enjoy the treat for a few days beyond his birthday.

Items on the menu for the adults included peanut butter flavored pretzels, chocolate “bark”, and hot dogs.Feast for a dog

As for the decorations we kept it simple with just some themed napkins and the dog themed food. When I was at the store, I happened to find the cutest napkins to go along for the party. Dogs in costumes. Yes please.

While this all may seem a little “crazy dog lady”, I couldn’t help but have this mid-week celebration for the furry family member. So really the question becomes, please tell me I am not alone in celebrating our dogs birthday!

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2 Responses to Doggone Good Birthday Pawty for Brinkley

  1. Lois says:

    We definitely celebrate our Sam’s birthday as well though we’ve never gone as far as a party. I like your idea and may implement some of your suggestions for his next birthday. He is our furry child just as Brinkley is your furry baby. I think they definitely appreciate the extra attention even if they have no idea what the attention is for 😉

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