Traditions We Have: Post Travel Breakfast

We have a few traditions that we made up for our family. Some traditions revolve around holidays or birthdays that were passed down from our families. Since getting married we have tried to discover our own little traditions like themed food for holidays or post travel breakfasts. 2014-09-21 13.31.53Here is a little glimpse at what has become one of my favorite traditions- post travel breakfast. We set aside time the morning after either one of us returns home from traveling to reconnect over bacon and eggs. Okay sometimes it is pancakes and blueberries but you catch my drift. We try to pick a new breakfast spot so that we can experience our local community, but sometimes we opt for omelets at home.

Post Travel Rex Grill


What traditions have you made up for your family? I would love to hear about ones you have created or ones that have been passed down from your family.

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3 Responses to Traditions We Have: Post Travel Breakfast

  1. eggthoughts says:

    Ok I am jazzed about your topic. I have a slight obsession with family traditions! One of my favorites is my brothers & I dress up in crazy costumes every year on Christmas eve-take pictures-play board games & just hang out and laugh at each other. It’s goofy and funny and we’ve been doing it for 10 years now!
    Anyway, I like this one.. I tend to travel quite a bit so it could be fun to have a tradition I do my first day back at home! Something fun to balance out the laundry, unpacking, catching up etc.
    Enjoy your October! Good luck! I am writing about being a caregiver this month. 🙂

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