Never Stop Loving

Let’s take it to the bedroom shall we….Breakfast in BedOkay, mind out of the gutter people. I’m talking about breakfast in bed. Oh yeah, that’s right. Every morning we are up early on that fitness-out grind (C works out in the AM), work grind, or the business of flying out the door for a trip or meeting. The rare moments of an unscheduled morning are few and far between. Note to self- schedule more “pause” in the month.

Sundays are quickly becoming my favorite morning. We go to a great church (that is currently in the building/early days) so they only have one service and it is the evening times (#forgwinnett). This means we currently have the whole morning free to get in a work out, eat food, snuggle, and move along at a leisurely pace before our evening service. Usually I am up early on these days (boo you internal alarm clock) so I use the time to stay in bed, catch up on Pinterest, and make the grocery list for the week.

The Glamourous Volpe Life I tell ya!

Lucky for me, Conner woke up early two Sundays ago and got his hands dirty in the kitchen! I was surprised with breakfast in bed and couldn’t have been happier. It was a nice reminder that we should never stop serving each other, surprising our spouses, and showing each other how much they are loved. We believe that our marriage is meant to show each other how much Jesus loves them, and be an earthly example of loving one another well. Go show some love today.


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