Trash to Treasure Lantern Light Fixture

Are we having fun yet??

Last week I was at a Thrift store and saw this gold light fixture. I saw the price- $15, and immediately thought that with some spray paint it could be the perfect copy cat of this light:

Shades of Light LanternI quickly texted a picture to Conner to ask his permission because 1) I know nothing about hanging a light fixture 2) $15.00 for something that may or may not work was a little crazy to me. What can I say, I am frugal.Outdated Gold Light fixture

Conner replied that it was a chance worth taking and to pop that tag. As I was checking out, I realized I had a coupon for 50%. Hooray for an $8.00 light fixture. Off to my local hardware store to find some black spray paint.

After the supplies were ready, we popped the glass out of the frame (only after I got frustrated from ramming glass shards into my pretty little fingers). Once I had just the frame, I taped off the light part and then made a painting booth in the basement (it was raining). The booth consisted of an open window, a trash bag, some tape, and a plastic table cloth. Make it work. Light Painting Booth

I am so excited for the finished product. This light turned out perfectly and Conner was able to hook it right up to where the builder-grade light formally sat.

Black and White Lantern Light

I say for $15 total this gold fixture turned black lantern was a win. Hooray for trash to treasure.

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2 Responses to Trash to Treasure Lantern Light Fixture

  1. Katherine C. says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I just pulled this EXACT fixture from my neighbor’s trash. I thought it look good in either black or ORB. It’s great to see how it will turn out.

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