Photographer Introduced

I am obsessed with pictures and photo shoots. Luckily, my husband-to-be knew me all too well when planning the “Perfect Proposal“. He included a mini photo shoot that allowed me to capture the special moment for the rest of our lives. Being that pictures are oh-so-important to Conner and me, we knew right away the pre-requisites to what we wanted in a photographer.

1) We wanted someone who would mesh well with Conner and me and be able to have fun with our crazy requests/extreme love for photo shoots.

2) Being the planner that I was, I need someone we could trust with such a special task of “Capturing our Big Day on Camera”.

3) Someone that would capture real colors, with out the overly processed look you get from a lot of Photographers these days.

4) The same photographer for both the engagement session and the Wedding.

With these pre requisites in mind, we also knew that our photographer needed to be someone that we get along with and would use as our “Life Photographer”. Someone who we call during the big moments of life and say “Hey photograph this special time”. Someone to journey with us through our engagement to the wedding and even adventures in having little ones. You get the picture (sorry for the pun).

During the month of June, I was helping a sorority sister with day-of coordinating for her special day. This is where I met our future photographer.

After talking a few times through Facebook we became friends. I told Conner all about my new found friends and how he just had to meet this duo! So over coffee we met, and we left that outing with Conner in full agreement of how wonderful this photography duo is! So we are excited to present to you Natosha Ledbetter Photography. Their blog has beautiful shots! Get excited because our Engagement Shoot is quickly approaching and we have something special up our sleeves for that one!

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2 Responses to Photographer Introduced

  1. You guys are so sweet! We love you two and can’t wait for your engagement session. We’re going to have a great time, I can already tell! xoxo Natosha

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