Just The Icing On The Cake

Conner and I had our first “cake tasting” this past weekend. Most of you are probably saying “Wow what is the rush? They have only been engaged for 2 weeks”. In full disclosure, my mom is the best cake artist around and therefore I can have a “cake tasting” any time I want. With that being said, the night that Conner and I went to go make the Bridal Party cookies, we were able to consume our first cake tasting. Of course, mom knows best, and instead of baking the cake she just handed Conner and me the bowl to lick! Delicious! Love it 🙂

Well of course no official decision was made as far as what cake flavors would make up the various layers of our cake, however there are 12 more months to try all the options 😉  Enjoy the picture but more importantly enjoy the weekend with your loved ones.

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