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How far will you go for your dreams?

“Raise your right hand as high as you can. Now raise it a bit higher. We always hold some back. To create art and do something that no one has done before, you have to go all in.” – Seth … Continue reading

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Featured: MyFitnessPal

Today the fine folks over at MyFitnessPal shared our story on their blog! We were so excited to speak with them and share some tips on how we use their app. MFP was absolutely instrumental in our weight loss and … Continue reading

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Learning to be domestic

Eating out is probably the easiest thing you can do when you hate cooking or, in my case, can’t cook. I was very discouraged when an automatic switch didn’t turn on when I said “I do”, turning me into a domestic goddess. … Continue reading

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State of our Union Goal: Filming 2014

Last year for Christmas, my mom gave my Uncle a really meaningful gift. It was a copy of all of my Grandfather’s home videos. The videos showed his travels, work, and moments with family. I thought this was the coolest … Continue reading

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Resolve To Be Healthier

I am inspired every time I hear Lara Casey say that while you have to be intentional about goals, there is nothing special about January 1st. You can start at anytime to accomplish your goals. For us, that goal and start … Continue reading

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Where to begin on a fitness journey?

We have come a long way since Day 1 of our fitness journey, but our progress definitely didn’t happen all at once. Just like it took us years to gain the weight, it came off slowly as well. Luckily we … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the Food Channels

Dear Food Channels: You have been put on hiatus indefinitely. Some people have parental blocks on their TV for channels that show X rated content or what not. For me, those blocks are on food channels. Watching food shows always end up … Continue reading

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Training for Adventure Racing

This past weekend we flew to Philadelphia, PA and completed the Spartan Sprint at Citizens Bank Park. This was Mandy’s first obstacle course race (OCR) and my second in what has become an almost obsession. Suffice to say the Spartan … Continue reading

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Ahh Sugar Sugar: 4 Replacement Ideas

Today we have a special guest blogger for you! One of my dear friends, Elizabeth Dixon from Bite an Elephant, is sharing her best advice on combatting the never ending sweet tooth. She always has great advice when I reach … Continue reading

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Health and wellness hits the road

Making healthy choices when traveling for work or vacation is hard. The factors of having limited access to the grab and go options we are used to combined with limited time to work out equal heightened area for failure in terms … Continue reading

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