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Project Spotlight: Pallet Wood Bench

Today I wanted to pause for a moment to brag on that handy husband of mine. Conner recently helped a family who needed to have some organization for their front hallway. It was a space located right by their front … Continue reading

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Let’s Go For a Picnic: Baby Shower

I recently co-hosted a baby shower for my friend who was expecting their first child. When coming up with a theme that didn’t include ducks or references to popping, I decided to draw inspiration from their wedding. They celebrated their nuptials with … Continue reading

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Have Your Selfie A…

I love how Christmas is the time of year where all your friends and family send you their latest pictures in the mail! In an effort of not exerting too much PDA for a refrigerator picture, we try to opt … Continue reading

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The What If Game: Fetus Edition

I almost feel bad for writing this, but it is real life and I feel like this goes unsaid by many people because it isn’t the “popular view”. This ones for the ladies….do you play the what if game? You … Continue reading

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Overcoming Betrayal: Real Talk

Part of our love story is overcoming sexual addiction in our marriage. That is hard to type because for so long I wanted to hide that this issue even came up, even now as I type this I get a tinge … Continue reading

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5 Quality Date Nights

If you have been around here long enough you know I love a good date night. We recently were meeting with our married small group and the conversation came up about date nights and how to plan quality ones that … Continue reading

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Gingerbread House Building Activity

One of my favorite traditions of the holiday season is making Gingerbread Houses! I grew up with my mom making the dough and cutting out the pieces of gingerbread to form into the chalets. We would all gather around the … Continue reading

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Not Right Now

We have been reading in Acts the past few weeks about Paul’s travels. Last night we focused in on Acts 16: 6-10 and I couldn’t think of a better few verses to read right now. It becomes so frustrating when … Continue reading

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Southern Date Night Y’all

I love the south. I love the food, the hospitality, the fact that it is okay to sit and rock on the front porch for an hour. I also love the sense of community that comes from the common thread … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the Food Channels

Dear Food Channels: You have been put on hiatus indefinitely. Some people have parental blocks on their TV for channels that show X rated content or what not. For me, those blocks are on food channels. Watching food shows always end up … Continue reading

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