Currently in September

We are in the home stretch of baby baking for Parker and it has us in a whirlwind to get things done and crossed off the to-do list. Here is a tiny glimpse of “life” lately.

So Basic

Reading… Just finished For the Love by Jen Hatmaker. Her writing style is hysterical, mostly because of the pop culture references and real-talk she provides. I loved this book so much and it truly challenged me in loving well, especially when sometimes people are hard to love (I’m looking at myself in the mirror on that one).

Playing…the “what was that” game every time there is a pull, hiccup, or kick in my stomach.

Watching… BBIIIIIIGGGG BROTHEEEERRR. Y’all, this show is addicting. I remember my dad and sister watching it back when it was on season 2 or 3. I never got into it. Well summer night tv is pretty slim, so I got sucked in to season 17, all three hours of it each week. Conner got sucked in too. I was watching it one night while he was out of town and he was so upset I watched it without him. Now it is our “thing” and we sit there and strategize like we actually know what is best for all of the house guests. Gotta love reality TV and at-home snuggling on the couch with your boo.

Trying… to keep moving. Obviously pregnancy has changed my work outs to a lower intensity and only a few days a week. Being in week 37 of pregnancy I am fighting the desire to work out vs. rest. Honestly I think I keep working out to see how far I can truly push my body, even if it is only one or two days a week. I am listening to my body though when it tells me that an hour laying on the couch is better for me than going out for a 3 mile walk.

Cooking… I am so bored with cooking. The last few weeks have been a rotation of chicken tacos, turkey chili, and home made pizzas. I literally cannot come up with anything else, and every recipe on my Pinterest board is way to overwhelming for this tired pregnant lady. I also would rather cook for 0 minutes than slave over a long recipe, so this rotation takes me all of 30 minutes before I am filling my tummy with some food.

Eating… Peanut Butter Sandwich….and ice cream. Not together though.

Drinking… Water. All day er’ day.

Calling… People still use the phone? Whaaattttt

Texting… Now that is what I am talking about. Currently with Conner about the details of his first cross fit competition.

Pinning… Hospital bag packing lists and post-baby work out ideas.

Tweeting… with my GCIO girlies.

Loving… the chalk art on the wall in Parker’s room. Full pictures soon. I can’t stop staring at the walls.

Hating… that I cannot get comfortable. Aka couch, bed, chair…nothing. I guess it is to be expected at 37 weeks pregnant.

Discovering… how great Conner is at nesting. He has organized the closet and cabinets with all the baby things like a champ.

Thinking… about ice cream

Feeling… grateful that we were able to get away for the weekend to the Beach over labor day.

Listening (to)… the sound of the fan

Celebrating… a baby who is rotated into position, a husband that has been so wonderful in serving me by running my errands, and the fact that cooler weather is here.

Smelling… the pumpkin candle burning right now.

Ordering… food for Brinkley. I think he is stress eating as he has gone through a whole bag in two weeks which typically takes him a month.

Thanking… my friends and family who have shown us so much love during these past 9 months. From snack drop offs, baby showers, celebrations filled with parenting advice, to surprise gifts showering Parker with all the love. I am so grateful for how Parker is already welcomed into our community.

Considering… when will Parker actually arrive. When will our first “out of the house” adventure take place.

Starting… to annoy Conner with my periodic gasps when a Braxton Hicks contraction is just a little harder than normal.

Finishing… The “Before P-Day” list.

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2 Responses to Currently in September

  1. Angela Evans says:

    One of my favorite things to eat all three pregnancies… Two scoops of ice cream and a big scoop of peanut butter mixed together :):):) and I’m with you on the dinner thing! Ain’t no momma got time for that!!

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