Babymooning in Nicaragua

We just returned from our “Babymoon”. I say that with laughter because it almost didn’t happen. Let me explain.

What started out as “Hey let’s spend the weekend in North Carolina” turned into “Let’s go to Nicaragua 30 weeks pregnant!”.


We had found this really cool ecolodge where you stay in tree houses and eat sustainable food so we thought it would be a cool overseas adventure before our little baby arrives. Everything was booked, and then we were met with hesitation from loved ones that we would be traveling to a third world country during pregnancy. Yeah, didn’t think about that.


Asked the doctor for approval and crossed our fingers that he would say yes, because we didn’t buy the trip insurance.

All systems were go.

Well, until the night before we were to leave and went to pack. We discovered that Conner’s passport had expired. I began thinking to myself that this babymoon had turned into a solo-trip across the world.

Well Google to the rescue. Did you know that getting an expedited/same day passport is a thing? It is a scary-not-sure-if-it-will-actually-work thing, but it can happen. After spending a few hours on Google and two hours on the phone, we were advised to show up early to the Atlanta office to wait to see if they could squeeze us into the system to process a same-day passport.


Those hours from finding out the passport was expired to actually having the passport in hand were a blur. A sigh of relief didn’t come until we were actually sitting in the airport, passports in hand, waiting to board the flight. Now to get to the relaxing part of this trip.

Here are a few highlights from our days in Nicaragua. We paddle boarded, bird watched, attended a Nicaraguan buffet, lounged in the hammocks, and hung by the pool. I will say that the pool was the life saving element of the trip because there was no AC anywhere on the private island, so a dip in the pool was always a relief and left me feeling weightless.


Overall it was a great and memorable experience. I think we chose the perfect place for our babymoon. We both love to be adventurous and explore when in new places, but being on this private island forced us to slow down and truly relax. Sometimes we go on trips, and while we spend the majority of the time exploring we end up more exhausted than when we left because we squeezed so much into the time away. This time, I can say we truly returned well-rested, well I guess as well as you can be at 30 weeks pregnant and no A/C.


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