Oh Boy, Let The Fox Adventures Begin

When we found out that the ultrasound to reveal the gender of our baby would be the week of Conner’s birthday, there was only one request from the birthday boy- a gender reveal/birthday.  On the way to the reveal

We sent some last minute neon invitations to our families and asked them to join us in the park for some pizza and cake. Now, y’all know my mom is amazing at cakes (exhibit A, B, C) so it made perfect sense for her to be the only one to know the gender secret for the big reveal. And boy did she have some tricks up her sleeve!

Foxy cake for our baby reveal

I mean I die at the cuteness, mostly over the tiny pacifiers and the little bows.

Before we cut into the cake, we had everyone gather into the group they suspected the gender to be.

What's it going to be?  A Boy or Girl Baby?Team Girl:

Team Girl

Team Boy:

Team Boy

So how was she going to make this cake tell us the gender? With candy and sprinkles of course!Cake Cutting PictureI think this photo is awesome. Looks similar to our pregnancy announcement if you ask me. Terror + excitement on my face, Pure joy and accomplishment on Conner’s.

Snap Chatting all the fun

So the secret is out, we are going to be parents to a little baby boy.

Balloon + Neon Confetti = MagicY’all I’m scared and nervous, but luckily Conner has the “I love trucks, sports, and football games” categories on lock. Time to learn how to raise a southern gentleman and the proper way to teach him a love for polka dots, stripes, and bow(tie)s.

Thanks to Jess for the majority of the pictures (obviously the ones that aren’t from the phone or snapchat!)

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