Baby Fox Coming Soon

I am writing this post at 4am. That is when this baby decides it’s no longer tired but would rather be fully awake leaving me to feel every wave of nausea possible at 4am. Excuse me while I cry over the fact that I am never sick and therefore the toll it is already taking on my body is noticeable. Also, it is mixed with equal parts joy knowing that the feelings of throwing up every five minutes are proof that a miracle is growing and I don’t have to question whether things are okay or if I should have passed on that deli sandwich I ate earlier yesterday.

Oh yeah… I’m pregnant!!!!

So allow me to back up and introduce you to the baby fox that is cooking and will make its debut around October:

Baby Fox 7 weeks

And here’s the baby announcement. This picture was from our marriage retreat two weeks ago but perfectly sums up our feelings.

Baby AnnouncementYeah I’m a little scared. Mostly for the labor part. Okay also for the part where we figure out how a tiny human fits into the Volpe lifestyle. I’ve been reading a devotional thought the pregnancy that goes week by week of the symptoms, tiny science lesson of what’s happening/growing/changing with the baby, and a place to journal my feelings. It has been amazing because it is showing me week by week to align my trust in what really matters and not to worry about every little thing. (Don’t worry, my A type self gasps at the words I just wrote. Who am I?!? What is life?!? Hard hitting questions at 4:00am)

To tell our families we had these sweet little pacifiers made up with the expected due date and a little fox. We attached a little note to let them know it was their mission to hold on to it for slumber parties and baby fox hangouts that would begin in 7 months.

So how did we get here?!? Well I mean I’m not going to tell you that part… I will tell you the part where I never cry and all of a sudden I cry for a week straight… I knew something was up. So I took a test… Saw a positive and after I had my own little “OMG this is happening” moment in the bathroom, I composed myself and took a box downstairs to Conner to open. Inside contained some printed instructions for him to build a crib and of course the positive test. Because we all know that looking at something that someone else peed on is super cool and all sorts of wonder.

Here is a little video of me telling the newest daddy to be of his new role. Enjoy 🙂

Movie on 1-30-15 at 8.52 AM from Mandy and Conner on Vimeo.


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7 Responses to Baby Fox Coming Soon

  1. Auntie Barb says:

    I’m totally crying over this sweet, sweet video!!! Such joy!
    So thrilled for you two. xoxo

  2. JayEssJay says:

    Congratulations, you guys!!! Oh, and, I can totally relate to those faces in your announcement. I wish I could say that panic subsides once baby arrives… however, a month into this mama-gig, I’m finding I feel just as clueless as before. But, it’s just as awesome, too!

  3. Uncle David says:

    Mandy and Conner,

    Aunt Margaret and I are so happy for you Two+. We’re sure you two will make great Parents. Enjoy the time as it will pass fast.

  4. Elizabeth Thompson says:

    Oh my goodness, thank you for sharing this precious photo and video! Elizabeth, Heather’s mom​

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