Casting the Vision of Marriage

We just got back from a marriage retreat that had some pretty clear ideas around vision and how that affects your marriage. Initially when they started talking about vision I got super pumped because I am a planner through and through and our family is no stranger to goal setting.

Here is a simple thought that sums up what vision is like for your marriage: When there is no vision, there is no direction.

Selfie on a date nightThe world is ready to cast a vision of what your relationship and marriage should look like. The true question becomes “what do you want the vision of your relationship to look like”? I want our marriage to be intentional, filled with joy and laughter, adventure moments, and plenty of photographs to document the journey.

Selfie Sticks for LIFE

When you set a clear vision, you have a direction. You have an idea of the action steps that need to get you to your end goal of what you are passionate about. The key is to clearly write out your goals, your vision, so that the outside pressures do not take over with expectations of what your relationship “should” look like.

Vision spurs passion and passion leads to discipline.

What does this look like, though? Strategically plan what you want your marriage to look like in 5 years. What do you want to be true of your finances? Saving money each month allowed us to get out of our student loan debt. It wasn’t easy, but we knew in 5 years we wanted to be able to focus on adventures with our family rather than on paying down debt. The vision to become debt free created direction and ultimately action steps to project us forward.

Decide on the areas you want to drive the direction of your marriage and be intentional to create vision. Make a coffee date to slow down and reconnect. Make a weekend of it, alone, just the two of you. Whatever a strategy session would look like for you and your spouse- make it happen. Now is the time to cast the vision of what you want your relationship and family to look like in 5 years.

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1 Response to Casting the Vision of Marriage

  1. Barb says:

    Great advice! I love that joy & laughter and photos are part of your goals. 🙂

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