Love is Square

Have you heard of Malvi’s?

They are these delicious little marshmallow squares, all homemade by a young woman in Atlanta, Georgia. Of course I first discovered them through Instagram and Conner and I stalked them out last year for our Anniversary adventure. They were doing a pop up shop at the local West Elm. I thought we would show up to try the treats but they had turned the little confections into ice cream sandwiches.

Malvi Ice Cream Sandwich

I die. So delicious.

Well fast forward over 6 months and they now have miniature malvi’s and I lack the tan that I had back in August. #WhatTheWhat?!?!

Laura was kind enough to send us some of the new mini’s and we decided to turn the goodies into a date night treat.Mini Malvi

Conner used his Boy Scout skills to create a fire for us and we made a little pallet on the floor to create our s’more’s. (Disclaimer this fire was from an outdoor shopping mall that we visited. I don’t know who I have become but I forgot to take a photo during the actual date night. Let’s chalk it up to be that I was simply living in the moment). We may or may not have fired up our current binge watching obsession of Parenthood because let’s be real- my ideal outdoor adventure looks more like glamping than a hardcore wilderness sans technology combination.Fire

Okay, so have I made you hungry or at least a little inspired to fire up your own indoor date night? Well, head over to our Instagram because Malvi has decided to gift one of their new miniature sets to you! Simply like the Instagram photo of the giveaway and follow our account and you will have a chance to win! Winner will be announced on Wednesday, February 18th.

I am always looking for new date ideas so let me know what kind of indoor date nights you have done before?

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