Learning to be domestic

Eating out is probably the easiest thing you can do when you hate cooking or, in my case, can’t cook. I was very discouraged when an automatic switch didn’t turn on when I said “I do”, turning me into a domestic goddess. I mean, I thought by saying “I Do” it would create an instant knowledge base of how to make something other than dinner from a blue box.

I was wrong.

Dinners were burnt

There was not enough money to eat out every night.

And the tears flowed.


I began to question my ability to provide as a wife (Sorry to anyone gnashing their teeth right now at the thought that cooking is a wife-only duty).

Yes, Conner cooked frequently, but I needed to be able to cook too and prepare meals that I could invite people over to enjoy with us.

Luckily a sweet mentor friend stepped in with a few easy recipes once we identified that I just needed “simple” recipes with less than 3 ingredients in order to set myself up for success. Thus began my 101 in 1001 journey, which included new recipes to try.

Fast forward two years and that cooking journey transformed in to how to take these recipes and tweak them to our healthier lifestyle. Because let’s be honest…I thought making a whole box of penne pasta with meatballs was appropriate for two people.


Cooking ideas for a healthier lifestyle

So, we scoured the interwebs for easy recipes that could be tweaked for our meals. My favorite resources for recipes include Dashing Dish, Skinny Taste, Skinny Fork, and a cookbook called “America’s Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook”.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Butternut Squash Lasagna

Good-for-you Brownies

Stuffed Quinoa Peppers

Finally you have my Pinterest board with recipes I am working up the courage to make.

If you are looking to incorporate a healthy meal tonight, check out our favorite recipes. Also, if you have one that you usually love to make- send it my way because I am now a little more confident in the kitchen. But don’t send over a recipe if it has an ingredient I can’t pronounce or more than 5-6 ingredients because I will still get overwhelmed.

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1 Response to Learning to be domestic

  1. Danielle says:

    These are two of my favorites! The WW one looks intimidating, but it’s not too hard if you want to give it a shot. Both are delicious though!



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