State of our Union Goal: Filming 2014

Last year for Christmas, my mom gave my Uncle a really meaningful gift. It was a copy of all of my Grandfather’s home videos. The videos showed his travels, work, and moments with family. I thought this was the coolest thing to look back on to remember what it was like to live during that era and the everyday “little” moments that add up to a life time of memories. It made me realize that we don’t take enough videos, and the ones we do take are scattered across multiple devices which would make it nearly impossible for our future children to turn in to a Christmas present when they are adults.

For that reason, during our annual State of Our Union meeting, Conner and I chose to add “take more videos” to our 2014 family goals. I started out the year putting as many of the videos we already had on to USB drives and CD’s. This made me feel a little better that all of our memories were not merely snapshots but actually had some motion to it too.

As for new videos, we got busy filming every day moments. It was awkward at first because we had no idea what to film or what was worthy of documentation. A few of the videos we have shown here on the blog, but others got tucked away into the archives of our computers to keep for the future because who really wants to see a demo of me eating eggplant parmesan or a million videos of Brinkley.

Quote for New YearI love the quote “A Year from now, you will wish you had started today” because our 2014 video project culminated with a video being documented about our lives for the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Crazy sauce.

AJC Weight loss VideoWhile our video challenge was a goal for 2014, I am going to fight for it to make a presence in our 2015 SOOU goal-setting meeting. We shall see what makes the cut after next weeks dinner!

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1 Response to State of our Union Goal: Filming 2014

  1. Barbara Schettino says:

    Great weight loss tips! You two are so inspirational (and you look great, too!).

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