Let’s Go For a Picnic: Baby Shower

I recently co-hosted a baby shower for my friend who was expecting their first child. When coming up with a theme that didn’t include ducks or references to popping, I decided to draw inspiration from their wedding. They celebrated their nuptials with a picnic in the park. The invitations stated that the family was adding another member to the basket so we wanted to celebrate!

For the food, we set up an indoor picnic complete with baskets, chips, and “green grass”. I am in love with the levels of the baskets and how they added interest to the table.

Picnic Basket Themed Party

The menu included ham sandwiches, croissants, hummus with vegetables, a fruit basket, and of course ants on a log! I am thankful for the ladies who co-hosted with me because they were rockstars in creating all the delicious food! For the cutlery, I found the cutest plates during the summer close out of Crate & Barrel that looked like a picnic table cloth with ants. The desserts were brownies (because that was a pregnancy craving food) and cupcakes with little hearts because it was a nod to their wedding cake. Y’all, the love is in the details in my opinion!

Pallet Wood Drink ContainerAs for the drink station, we went simple with some lemonade and tea. I struggled with where to put the drinks because I was out of baskets! Luckily Conner had some extra wood leftover from a project he was working on so he made a quick box for me to put all of the beverages and cups into.

For games we did a little present bingo and some baby food tasting. Thank the Lord that there are sweet people on Pinterest who create printables that I can easily print rather than having to DIY everything. Why do I love party planning so much?!?

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3 Responses to Let’s Go For a Picnic: Baby Shower

  1. Such a cute baby shower idea. Love really is in the details. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Leesha says:

    This is so adorable! It’s such a unique theme compared to most of the ones that you see. Thanks for sharing!

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