5 Quality Date Nights

If you have been around here long enough you know I love a good date night.
2014-09-21 13.29.27We recently were meeting with our married small group and the conversation came up about date nights and how to plan quality ones that really make the most of the time together while making each other feel valued. Here are a few things that came to mind for us that we hope can inspire you on your next date night:

1) Make plans. For me, the lack of planning feels like a lack of love. Conner calls me the scheduling coordinator of the family as I maintain the calendar and typically come up with the date night ideas. For me, it is fun to come up with creative ways to spend time together, but sometimes I want a date night with a break from the planning. Planning comes naturally for me in terms of thinking of themes, details, and the minute-by-minute play by play of the events for the evening.When plans are made beyond just time on the calendar, the date feels more intentional. A few ideas to get you started: Make plans that include a restaurant with significance such as something your spouse has mentioned they would like to try, or perhaps a new food group that you want to introduce each other to. Make plans beyond the restaurant to include an activity. The activity could include dessert, an adventure such as ice skating, or people watching at the mall. My ideal date would be dinner at a new local restaurant and then a few laps around Target to see the newest trends in home decor and clothes without feeling guilty of walking too leisurely through the aisles.

2. Think outside of the box: I’m talking about the black box that is a movie theater. Yes, a movie is a good conversation starter, but when you may only have 3 hours together, do you really want to spend that time in silence? Find a fun activity and enjoy each other’s company.

3. DVR Binge: Yes, ladies and gentlemen we binge watch TV. Now, I know what you are thinking- watching TV is the same as going to see a movie. Well, yes and no. The DVR can be paused, and cuddling happens a lot better at home than while at a movie. The thing about the DVR Binge is that you must be present and not focused on the pile of clothes needing to be folded or the dishes that are sitting dirty in the sink. Just be in the moment together.

4. Questions: Bring a list of questions to ask each other on the date. Things that are not your usual go-to-topics so that you can really connect with each other. Maybe start by asking how they picked the name for their childhood pet or perhaps brainstorm ideas of future restaurants the two of you would like to visit.

Hanging Twinkly Lights Selfie5. Find Free Options: Money is always a stressful topic, and dating within a budget is hard which makes it easy to move dates to the bottom of the priority list. This is why we believe it is important to discover free options. The other night there was a free Art Gallery opening that we walked through. Dating doesn’t always have to cost money so explore your local downtown areas and see what free events are coming up that you could go check out. Maybe since it is Christmas time you can make a cup of coffee or hot cocoa at home and place in a to-go cup so that you can then walk around your neighborhood to view the twinkly lights.

I would love to hear other ways you get creative while planning date nights. Comment below with your ideas or let me know who is the one who usually plans your one-on-one time.


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