Not Right Now

We have been reading in Acts the past few weeks about Paul’s travels. Last night we focused in on Acts 16: 6-10 and I couldn’t think of a better few verses to read right now.

It becomes so frustrating when everywhere you turn it seems like a “no” is being given to you.

We have had our fair share of “no’s” over the past few months as we are in a holding pattern. I love these verses in Acts because not only does it show the way God gives a plan to people, but he also proves that No’s are not necessarily hard no’s, but rather “not right now, I have something better planned” type of no’s.

No’s are discouraging

No’s make me want to give up and stop working towards this goal we feel called to.

In college, I struggled with the desire to change schools but at the same time feeling like I was being told “No. Stay put”. That no turned in to a situation of something better than I could have planned on my own. My plans are not my own. Leaning in to the no, even though it was difficult and led to many tears, resulted in the forward trajectory of my career: meeting Conner, having influencers in my life, and ultimately getting me to where I am today. A clear example of a big no, turned into an “I have something better for you” no.

Dinner around a pallet table. Yes please.

I have to remind myself that I am not the one in control and that IS okay. Actually, that is more than okay, that is WONDERFUL news. I may not see the why behind the no right now, it may take a few years for it all to be revealed, or even more I may never see why it was a no…but that is just it, it IS okay to not be in control.

So today, I am thankful for the No’s. As Conner keeps reminding me, one no is just one more no closer to a yes.

Yes in deed.

But oh the patience and perseverance it is building up inside of me. It is building a determination to keep running and to keep taking the steps to move the goals forward.

Waiting for the no’s to turn in to the big flashing sign of “this is the something better I have planned for you” is always the hardest process.

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8 Responses to Not Right Now

  1. Jedidja says:

    Thank you for writing this. Sometimes its hard. But now I read this lesson on your blog I think: Its oké Lord. Give me the attitude of Maria: “Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it to me according to your word.” Have I to wait, I’ll wait …

    I love your sentence: “I have something better for you” no.

  2. Such a good word this morning. I feel like so often the “no’s” leading up to something end up being such a beautiful part of the story, making the end result and the “this is the something better” so wonderful.

  3. Faith says:

    Mandy, you truly are gifted in this ministry. That is what I think of your blog. It speaks volumes to so many people and it is glorfying our Father. This is exactly the season we are in and I am in most need of being reminded of how great God is and that He has a much greater plan for us than anything we could have ever fathomed. There is so much comfort in that 🙂 Love you guys and will miss being in group with you next year.

  4. jessJess says:

    We got so many no’s in Aaron’s job search before he finally got out of Publix two years ago. And before that, I heard so many no’s trying to find a job in Atlanta. 2012 was a great year (engaged, graduated, married), but also a very, very hard year for me. I don’t like waiting, and being rejected is so, so difficult. I felt like we were doing something wrong, but I have to constantly remind myself (still) that it’s His timing… and only His timing, not His timing when it fits in our ‘plans’. Love you 🙂

  5. Leesha says:

    What an encouraging post. I am so, so glad we’ve found one another! I definitely know what you mean as far as God giving us “no’s” that are actually just “not right now’s.” It’s amazing how He leads us if we just let Him. (I get in my own way too often…)

    Thank you for sharing. Keep on writing your heart. It’s so encouraging!

  6. Tami Lee says:

    Howard Schultz was told no 242 times. If he gave up, we would have no Starbucks.
    Walt Disney was told no and his theme park concept was trashed 302 times. If he gave up, we would have no Disneyland.
    If J.K. Rowling had given up after hearing “no” for many years, we would have no Harry Potter.

    Keep going. When the timing is right, you will get your “yes.”

    And also, aren’t you glad I told you “NO”” when you said you wanted to transfer from Brenau? 😉

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