Southern Date Night Y’all

I love the south. I love the food, the hospitality, the fact that it is okay to sit and rock on the front porch for an hour. I also love the sense of community that comes from the common thread of the culture. Conner and I recently crafted a southern date night to embrace the culture and the uniqueness of it all. We made a southern feast complete with oven baked chicken lightly coated in bread crumbs with a side of cauliflower mashed potatoes and a biscuit.

Do the Mashed Potato

We then set out on a treasure hunt for the most recent publication of Southern Weddings. Now, you probably are wondering why we would even want to read a wedding magazine when we have already been married three years, but I will tell you why- the magazine is a conversation starter for us. The ladies who write the magazine understand that marriages simply begin on the wedding day and the true magic comes from the moments that take place beyond the I Do’s. We wanted to search for the magazine because it is only released in certain stores once a year. It only took us two tries before we found our very own copy!

Ignore the red cups

We took it over to the Starbucks so that we could read the pages together about savoring married life. It was fun to see that they even included a few words from us in regards to our married family traditions! Fan girl moment squeals ensued! Beyond the advice amongst the pages they give a great mad-lib style questionnaire, which was fun to ask questions of each other beyond the typical conversations we have. I want to never be too busy to sit down for a cup of coffee and ask new questions of each other or rock on the front porch in the evening.

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