An Open Letter to the Food Channels

Dear Food Channels:

You have been put on hiatus indefinitely. Some people have parental blocks on their TV for channels that show X rated content or what not. For me, those blocks are on food channels. Watching food shows always end up sabotaging my healthy efforts. I find myself watching the latest episode of Paula Deen and then find myself in the pantry looking for the ingredients to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies or whatever else she was cooking up. Watching food shows make me hungry, even when I’m not hungry.cookie simplifiedFor that reason alone I put a ban on watching those shows. My waistline can’t handle you. Sorry to part ways like this so abruptly but I can’t take any more unnecessary eating. My body was made to be fueled, when I am hungry, by foods that are equal parts tasty and good for me. Yes I will pull out some less-than-healthy recipes when I want to splurge from time to time, but it will no longer be 100% of the time. I’ve worked hard and do not need to be distracted. Sorry if this seems like a harsh break up, but know that your programming is just too delicious for me to handle.

A girl trying to maintain the 83 lbs she lost over the past year and a half.

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