Decatur Where It’s Greater: What If?

You know we love date nights and community, so what could be better than community date nights?

We recently went to dinner and coffee with our friends in downtown Decatur…where it’s greater. Or something like that.Date night in decatur

It is always fun to explore cool places and connect in real life with people, but sometimes keeping the conversation flowing can be a little difficult. I think that is because we are so used to being connected online that we can forget how to connect in real life. Or, the dreaded lull in a conversation happens and everyone whips out their phone to distract themselves with social media. I am SO guilty of this and I have to remind myself to be present, put the phone away, and kill the distractions. But that is easier said than done sometimes.

If bookI love our friends, because there was a lull in the conversation and they instantly whipped out a book of questions for us to ask of each other. No time to get distracted in our cell phones. We ended up spending the next few hours picking random questions from the book and going around the table asking “what if’s” to each other. Things like “What if you were to be a character in movie. Who would be the actor or actress to play your role?”.

Or “If you could start your own company, what would it be?”

Or my favorite “If you owned a boat, what would you name it”?

These questions were equal parts serious and silly which really helped us to connect and laugh. It was so fun and I even purchased the book “If” on my drive home. That is how much I loved it. So it’s your turn. Tell me your “what if”…

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