Halloween Recap: Costume Edition

We kicked off the Halloween week with a festive holiday lunch. I introduce to you, ghost tortilla chips with soup.

Halloween FoodOur goal for Halloween this year was to have fun and not spend a dime on costumes. I mean, when buying candy for the neighborhood that has two bus loads worth of kiddos for school pick-up, we needed to save costume moohlah to buy chocolate. So here are a few costumes we pulled together using what we had around the house. Granted, we do have a big orange box that we fill with costume supplies as they appear in our house, but the box is a bunch of random items that needs a little imagination to make any sense.

For starters, my work day costume was a “work from gnome costume”. I thought it was punny since I work from home. After work I decided to keep it on long enough to go for a run along a busy street near our house. What was going to be a 3 mile run turned into 5 because I couldn’t help but keep running because of the double takes people would give me as I ran past. What can I say, I am a sucker for making people laugh. Work from Home Gnome

Costume number two was for handing out Halloween candy. I was super excited that my sister came over to join us in handing out the candy. I pulled together a mime costume while Conner pulled together a character from Harry Potter. But according to grumpy cat, our costumes were awful. Grumpy Cat and Mime

For the final costume of the weekend we went with punny couple’s costume. We were going to our friends Halloween party and really wanted to pull out all the stops for the costume contest. Can you guess what we were?

I was a hula girl…

Hawiian PunchConner was Rocky….

Together we made Hawiaan Punch.

What did you go as for Halloween? I need to start brainstorming ideas for next year!

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