Philly Date Night

2014-09-21 13.33.01

We took a little vacation a few weeks ago to Philadelphia; the trip was for a Spartan Race, but we couldn’t leave without having some fun as well! We had a customer event in Savannah a while back and met a guy who grew up in Philly. He gave us the whole run down of things that we couldn’t miss including great places to eat. His expertise definitely did not disappoint! His recommendation was Chickie’s and Pete’s – known throughout Philly for their Crab Fries. This place was SO good. We got their signature sweet potato fries and a crab pizza! Mandy thought that the best part were the crab boiling stockpots that they used for sinks in the bathrooms.
2014-09-19 21.05.23

Before the race, we worked a volunteer shift in order to earn free entry into the race. During our shift we chatted with the people on our crew and they told us about the Spruce Street Harbor Park. Mandy was sold as soon as she heard “trees lined with LED lights”! This was the perfect place to have our date night in Philly! We had a great little walk to the park and took a bunch of pictures in the park. The LED lights were everywhere, changed colors, and gave the park such a cool ambiance. I was blown away though that the park was only temporary – the first pop-up park! They set it up every summer and it gets taken down when winter rolls around. What a cool idea for a city to do! I wish we had some of these guys in Atlanta.2014-09-19 20.58.47

The park, if you couldn’t tell by the name, was set up on the Philly Harbor. You could look out over the water and the restaurant located in the park was actually on a barge! The views were great with all of the lights reflecting and twinkling off the water.2014-09-19 20.51.07Want to know what I love more than just about anything? Hammocks. That’s right, I am twelve at heart and I can’t get enough of lying in the ropey contraptions and getting my relaxation on. I have yet to mention the thing that Spruce Street Harbor Park is best known for – booyah, hammocks! They are everywhere. Probably a hundred of them hung all around the park. As popular as the park is, they were all full so we walked around for a while, checked out the food trucks, played giant Connect Four, and listened to some awesome live bluegrass music before finally snagging one. It was the perfect ending to our date night to lay together and relax with all the beautiful colors overhead. We love you Philly and can’t wait to come back!


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