Nacho Average Baptism

This past weekend we celebrated Conner getting baptized! I took it as an opportunity to gather our family and friends to have a little fiesta in the parking lot. jBRcKqnn7eTUBxI1GaXJIDNy796iwli5Emid9EkMypw I attempted to make the piñata cookies that I have seen time and time again on Pinterest. These were super labor intensive. The first step was acquiring a donkey cookie cutter. Oh wait, I already had one in my cookie cutter stash. HAHAHA! As for the intensity of the process, I’m talking make the cookies, die them, then layer them on top of each other to create the different colors. Then you let it freeze for a few hours before cutting and baking. Conner helped me make these cookies and after we got them out of the oven and cut, we decided to skip putting the m&m’s inside of the cookies and just leave them cut as-is. I also made churro truffles that were a HUGE hit. I will be making those again for sure.

2zlG4xgoje8uqIugyoLUlb1CCqpYhUgiIuwxpaRvPAAFor the main course we had a taco bar complete with chicken and all the fixin’s.
ED0K5MzPwxxSd4tnZQBiv4OWKjWt2_MiPni4W7tg0VY RCkwI0ycikFOyMEGC4bbs6B-NQa2Cg3VI-IvnyADGpYOne of my favorite party foods/decor was brought in from my parents. I love when my family comes because they always bring a little something special to the party. They made fiesta mints or as they told me “vegetarian burritos”. BZJf-wWoC9qmHAIeXwKoDo608x_vcLxrQ47p5z6COJYAnd the real reason for the celebration was this guy right here. Conner made the decision that the next step in his relationship with Jesus was to be baptism. I am so proud to be his wife and loved seeing him make his public profession in front of the whole church.
Nacho Average BaptismHere is the whole video as well! What occasion are you planning a party for right now?

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