Home Tour: The Downstairs

I figured it was about time to give you a little glimpse into our home decor. Four glimpses to be exact. I chose a few of my favorite rooms for you to see. Shall we start in the most used room of the house? The bathroom ladies and gentlemen:

bathroom picture 2Bathroom pictureI love those fox paintings because my mother in law made them for us!  She is a talented artist and we have a couple of pieces in our house that she has created. Since our last name means fox in Italian, it only seemed fitting to have some foxy art adorning our walls. I love all the colors in this room especially how the corals and turquoise play together.

Kitchen table

To continue on the tour of the downstairs we have one of our dining table areas. This is the table we tend to eat at the most. It was the first table we had when we got married because we dug it out from our parents basement and refinished it. No it is not usually set with all of the plates. It actually stays bare of any decoration because we use the table for everything from meals, to remote working, to crafting. The plates actually do not get set out until dinner prep is done. But my inner interior designer was coming out so I let my freak flag fly and set-up the table. All four plates and three napkins worth. Ha ha! Anyone else leave their table blank or do you always have it set-up and styled beautifully?book shelf

I love this little expedit bookshelf. It has served many purposes between our various rental home days to our home owning days. The baskets corral our DVD collection and the little pictures and moments all have a special meaning. I believe in having intentional decor rather than just filling up my walls and shelves with knick knacks. Do you have an expedite bookshelf and how do you use it? Does it stand up straight or lay horizontal?

So that is our quick little down stairs tour. Here are a few things I have in mind for the next phase of decorating in our house:

  1. Change the light over the kitchen table
  2. Change the wall color from beige to grey
  3. Different dishwasher. Ours doesn’t work properly and always seems moldy. Maybe I don’t clean it properly or maybe the builder just put in a low grade dishwasher. Either way, I need to do some research on some options.
  4. Curtains in the dining room
  5. Gallery wall in the dining room
  6. Girl Cave office makeover

Now to figure out which one to start with!

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2 Responses to Home Tour: The Downstairs

  1. llmom27 says:

    I love gleaning ideas from photo home tours. Lovely

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