Savannah Birthday Recap

I love birthdays. I love to celebrate and make the guest of honor feel special. I love to spend hours planning out the details that will make the birthday boy/girl feel like the day was crafted just for them. This is why party planning is my love language.

While I love on people in this way, it doesn’t come as naturally for others and therefore I tend to not feel as “loved” on my birthday. I know that probably comes off as harsh or makes me sound like I am the only one who knows how to plan well, but sometimes when you are a planner, it is hard for others to plan for you. To my surprise, Conner celebrated me in just this way last week. While I had many sweet calls, texts, and Facebook messages wishing me Happy Birthday, Conner planned some fun activities to enjoy throughout the day. I couldn’t be more excited!!

It all started with a trip to Savannah. We love Savannah for the memories it has in our relationship. It was where we got engaged, where we journey to when we need to get away for a quick weekend, and where Conner spent weekends with his buddies celebrating St. Patrick’s day. Conner had a work trip planned to the southern town that happened to fall over my birthday so I jumped in the car and journeyed down to where the trees hang over the streets and the streets have uneven pavers. (Note to self, don’t wear heels on River Street)

Since we were in Savannah, Conner chose a restaurant for breakfast that we had been to earlier in the year. He knew I loved the hipster vibe at BW Matthews and the food was awesome the last time we were there. The experience did not disappoint this time either!

Conner then informed me that we had to walk to our lunch spot. I thought it was crazy since it was only 9am in the morning. But as we were walking he informed me that the line for this place started forming early and if we weren’t inline by 9:30, then we would never get to eat. So we walked to the lunch spot, arrived to find ourselves as #3 and #4 in line and settled in for 1 ½ hours of waiting. Luckily there was a sweet couple to talk with to pass the time. They conveniently were celebrating their 27th wedding anniversary so we instantly bonded over our love for Savannah and how it is frequently the site for celebrating in our lives.

As we are sitting there talking, my phone rings from my mom. I answer to receive her well wishes of happy birthday. She then asks me what I am up to and if my dad would like the place we are going for lunch. It was a weird question and made me go “Um, are you joining us?!?!”.Mrs. Wilkes House

Conner had worked to get them to drive down to Savannah (a 5 hour drive for them) to spend my birthday with me. Oh, and then they would drive back to spend dinner with my twin sister. They are such a good example of loving well and going to great lengths to be with their children. I love them dearly. I love that Conner had them involved in such a wonderful surprise.

Of course lunch at the southern style family diner was delicious but it was made even better by the presence of my parents. Mead Tasting

For the afternoon, Conner planned some shopping, chocolate tasting, and Mead Tasting. Mead is a type of wine made from honey. It was delicious but the chocolate was by far my favorite. We picked out a few truffles that looked the best and then tried them to compare which ones were the best. My favorite was the habanero caramel truffle. Spicy and sweet. I want 10 more right now.Chocolate Tasting

For dinner Conner found a cool restaurant for us to try with a cool vibe followed by cocktails at a new roof top bar. The surprises continued as he had a friend who lived in Savannah join us for the evening.

I tell you, this birthday was such a fun memory and filled with so many fun details and people that I am so thankful for how Conner chose to celebrate me. I feel so loved by the amount of planning that went in to this day and the little moments of togetherness that filled the afternoon. I tell you all of this because you should find ways to celebrate the ones in your life and make them feel special, especially on their birthday. Thank you Conner for making my birthday so special!

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