Struggling To Give Myself Grace

Sometimes I beat myself up when I can’t have a “perfect workout”. I used to be proud of myself for working out for 20 minutes or walking 1 mile. Now I feel like that is a “lite day”. As exercise becomes a part of our routine, our bodies change and crave a different challenge. Starting out, 20 minutes or a 1 mile walk was a challenge last summer when we first started working out. Now I desire more. But, time isn’t always on my side. I woke up with the best intentions this morning to work out for an hour. I was going to crush some cardio followed by 20 minutes of weight training.Fitting in Fitness

Well then the perfect storm began. I woke up 4 minutes late.

Decided breakfast sounded good before heading to the gym because I knew when I returned it would be time to hop on my team call.

Then I got on Instagram.

Then I read the latest chapter of my devotional book.

Then my breakfast was done, and my hour workout had now dwindled down to 40 minutes.

Hop in my car, ran in to Conner on the way out the door (He was just returning from an early morning meeting) so stopped to chat.

Drove and arrived. Grabbed some lite weights, hopped on a spin bike (hoping to kill two birds with one stone) and started to pedal.

Luckily the Today Show was on showing me the time while I listened to a Podcast. Clearly this workout should have been called “The Multi-task”.

I got in 21 minutes. Not 40, not 60, but 21. That is all I could fit in according to the Today Show time clock and my packed schedule. I got in the car discouraged by the lackluster workout and frustrated that there would be no more time in the rest of the day to work out.

It wasn’t until the afternoon when I finally allowed myself to be proud. Proud that I accomplished a work out despite the busy day. Proud that I could have easily stayed home but instead made it a priority to get some cardio in. And then I felt proud that I DID work out when I could have easily skipped it. 21 minutes may not be “perfect” according to my plan, but every little step gets me to my goal so I have to accept the progress over perfection. Done is better than perfect and I will choose to be proud. Fitting in fitness, no matter how long it lasts, should always be celebrated. What are you beating yourself up over today? Did you mark off 3 items on your 10-item to-do list? Did you have lunch around the table but it was of the frozen variety? Be proud that you got those three items done! Be Proud that you sat at a table with a warm meal rather than in a drive thru in your car. Be proud of the little win’s because they ultimately lead to bigger wins. It just takes time. Give yourself some grace today.

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7 Responses to Struggling To Give Myself Grace

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  2. Faith Blackwell says:

    You are so right to be proud 🙂 I always say no matter what when I am working out, and I am usually slower than most or have very little time, I am atleast being active and not sitting on my butt. Love you and how transparent you are!

  3. Lux Ganzon says:

    I need to remember this when I excuses start to bombard me if I want to exercise.

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