5 Ways to Surprise Your Husband

We all need a little element of surprise to spice up our days and our relationships. I started to think of ways that I try to surprise Conner or things he has done recently to remind me he was thinking of me. Our Anniversary was a few weeks ago and I knew Conner had planned an overnight trip to a hotel in Atlanta. I was pleasantly surprised to arrive and find that he had already taken my bag inside and had wine + flowers waiting for me in the room. Love that man of mine. It reminded me that a little surprise here and there spices things up! Here are a few ways we have tried to surprise each other and I hope you will find an idea or two to add an element of surprise to your relationship!

Surprise Flowers

  1. Playlist: Make a playlist or Cd and share it with your husband. Conner was traveling recently so I hacked into his Spotify Account (I’m a Pandora girl myself) and created a “get shredded” play list. I added songs that made me think of him or ones that I thought would pump him up during a work out. I then sent it to him right before I knew he was heading to the gym so that he would have a new playlist.
  2. Date Night Sneak Attack. We try to schedule out our date nights but this past weekend I got home late (as in 10pm) from being out of town. I called Conner and told him to make sure he had pants on and to meet me outside in 10 minutes. We then drove over to a local taco shop where they had live music going on. It was a fun little surprise date.
  3. Candle: I remember we were at a friends house last fall and I LOVED the way their home smelled. They told me it was a specific candle from Bath and Body works. I mentioned it to Conner, because I am always trying to figure out which candles smell the best. He agreed he liked the smell and that was it. A few days later I returned from work and my house smelled just like that luxurious smell from my friends house! Conner had gone out and purchased the candle and had it lit when I arrived home. Such a surprise! Find a candle you like, or your partner likes, and get them one.
  4. Make one of your Pins! We all know our Pinterest boards are filled with yummy goodies but rarely do they actually make it off the boards and onto our plates. Challenge yourself to actually make one of the recipes you have pinned. Whether you choose a healthy dinner casserole or splurge on a post work bean brownie, make something that will leave your hubby feeling special because you thought enough about him to make him a surprise recipe.
  5. DVR: Scan upcoming shows or movies that are coming on TV. See if you can spot one that you think your spouse would enjoy watching. Then record it for them and let them know it is on the DVR for them to watch. You could even make it a date night by popping some popcorn and pressing play on the show together.
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