Fox Den Woodshop Creation: Coffee Table

Did we ever tell you the story about the time I showed Conner a picture of a coffee table and he built it for me? 20140618-214820.jpgYeah, that happened. We have an L shaped couch and I knew a square table would be the perfect piece for the middle of the room, especially for placing magazines, Conner’s nightly coffee cup, and the bowl from my morning yogurt. I showed him a picture from a magazine and knew that he could make it happen with his handy skills. After seeing the pictures, he was hesitant as he did not have a welder, but said he was up for the challenge. One of his favorite parts of any wood project is the designing and drawing of the piece being built. After sketching out the design and making a plan for the pieces he bought the supplies. Conner found a local welder who made the square frames for both the coffee table and the desk in the man cave. Once the frames returned from the welder, Conner built the wooden top and bottom for the table.

I love the addition of this piece to our living room. It is the perfect size and height for the functionality we use it for on a daily basis. I also love that Conner built it for a fraction of the price I would have paid for it at the store. He added in the functionality of the bottom shelf per my request so that I could use it as extra storage. I am so thankful for how handy Conner is and that one of his hobbies is woodworking!

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