Health and wellness hits the road

Making healthy choices when traveling for work or vacation is hard. The factors of having limited access to the grab and go options we are used to combined with limited time to work out equal heightened area for failure in terms of sticking to healthy choices. Since our decision to lose weight was focused on creating a healthier life style it does make it a little easier not to beat ourselves up for one misstep but it also arms us with tools to make good decisions on the road.

One thing we do to prepare ourselves for success is that we pack our own snacks when we know we will be traveling. We get everything measured out so that we know what we are consuming is good and will keep us full in between meals. It is also an easy way to save money because it is convenient to pack up cereal or snacks instead of having to eat out for every meal while on the road. This helps to ensure we don’t become hangry and we are fueling our bodies with healthy nutrients.20140618-215423.jpgAs for exercise, we will wake up early to hit up the on-site fitness centers or when on leisure time, find a way to incorporate some kind of physical activity into our tourist stops. There are always great trails or state parks to discover while traveling so that is a fun way to explore the area and get outside rather than a traditional work out of a gym. Conner has also been known to run up and down the stairs in the hotel when the on-site gym was non-existent.

Another idea for maintaining a healthy life while traveling is pack tennis shoes. The best part of incorporating running into our fitness routine is that all we need is a pair of tennis shoes and our work out can be taken outdoors anywhere we are. Tennis shoes can be worn while traveling and then it doesn’t even take up any room in your baggage!

How do you incorporate a healthy lifestyle into travel or vacation?

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