Money Monday: Decorating Truths

I wish my home looked like the Pottery Barn Catalog. I wish I could snap my fingers and everything would be color coordinated, matching, and there would be brand new items throughout my house. But that isn’t real life. That is the made up fairytale that people post on their highlight reels of Instagram and Facebook. Real life is being on a budget, not buying unnecessary items on credit, and using items until they are broken. This past weekend we actually bought a new cutting board. Not because we wanted the latest and greatest cutting board, but because ours was over 3 years old (thank you dorm room kitchen gadgets). Slowly our house has become decorated over the years of our marriage. It has been a slow process, but required delayed gratification and saving to ensure we were getting exactly what we wanted. It involved a little elbow grease to sew pillows or paint furniture thrifted from our parent’s basement. In hind sight, I am happy our first couch was a yard sale score. It allowed us to move to three different houses and not worry about the well-being of the couch. It allowed us to save money for a new couch when we did move, and allowed us to realize what we really needed in a couch. (Hello optimal nap time location).Guest Bedroom

Sometimes when you end up using hand-me-downs, do a little DIY (like the headboard above), or forgo the latest catalog release, you appreciate what you do have and can decorate with meaningful items. We don’t have random art from Homegoods on our walls. Instead, we have pictures that give us a glimpse into our memories and travels. We have wall art that we created together or that has an actual meaning. So I encourage you to take the time to decorate. Don’t feel like you have to have your home looking Pinterest-worthy right off the bat because that will just induce unnecessary stress. The best home is one built up over time so enjoy the process. Unsubscribe from the latest catalogs if you have to! Find inspiration to create vignettes on a budget using what you already have. Maybe it is a vase from your wedding or candles from your reception that you can re-purpose. Maybe it is using that floral bedspread from your grandmother to create some framed art. Whatever it is, get creative and leave the walls blank if you have to. Don’t settle, but also don’t rush in to spending what isn’t there.

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