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One of my favorite things that Conner and I do is make time to reconnect after busy travel weeks. With us both on the road fairly often for work, we make it a priority to spend precious moments together over a tradition we created called “Post Travel Breakfasts”. Simply put, it is just the two of us waking up early, eating pastry goodness or a few scrambled eggs, and rehashing what was missed during the time apart. Yes technology helps us stay connected when we are away, but nothing beats a little face to face time unplugged from the world.Mandy_and_Conner_015-3358351508-O

Recently Gracie Blue Photography captured one of our little traditions and today Southern Weddings is featuring it! Thank you for including us in your Southern Newlywed Feature.Mandy_and_Conner_034-3358361751-O

If you are new here and looking for other ways we get creative with our dates, check out these posts:

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If you want to follow along with our daily married life journey you can find us on Instagram at @mandyandconner. If you are new here, leave a comment and say hello so that we can get to know you!

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