Serving Others Together

One of my favorite things about Conner is his love of serving and growing closer to God.  Over the past few years of marriage, we have found ways to get plugged in together. Sometimes it means we spend our Friday date nights whipping up breakfast casseroles that get dropped off the next morning at the homeless shelter. Sometimes it means opening up our home to students to stay for the weekend. Sometimes it means waking up early on a Saturday morning to go build gardens for a Boy Scout Eagle Project.

Today, serving together looks like us in small groups with high schooler’s. As I type this, we are on our way to the beach with 100’s of high school kids from our church for a weekend retreat. You can call it crazy, but we call it fun. Follow the journey on our Instagram.2014-06-08 19.01.55-2

Serving together as small group leaders is changing my life. I am excited that we have chosen to find ways to serve others and show that marriage is good, especially to the next generation. Conner is such a great example of a loving husband who strives to bring joy every day to our marriage.

For my married friends, do you volunteer with your spouse? For my dating friends, do you serve with your mate? Comment below because I want to hear how you are giving back in your communities where you are planted.

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