See Beauty Today: Featured On Alpha Chi Omega

I am honored to be spotlighted this week on the Alpha Chi Omega Facebook Page. I met some pretty incredible people during my days as a collegiate, and I am lucky enough now to still be involved through the local chapters by serving on two of the advisory boards. I think sororities can get such a bad rap, but my time was precious and I continue to meet such real.strong.women who are Alpha Chi’s that inspire me (virtual wave to those of you who have our blog bookmarked!).

Mandy and Brinkley 2014Alpha Chi has a symphony that we use to instill the values of what matters most into our lives. My favorite line from the  symphony is “to see beauty even in the common things of life”, I think it is so true for the fast paced society we live in. I can easily get caught up in the hustle of work, life, and family. I have to actively force myself to daily be grateful for the common things. A beautiful sunset, my husband bringing me a cup of iced tea, or connecting with people via social media with intention. Appreciating the common things cultivates gratitude that transforms our outlook. It makes our lives less about comparison and more about joy and happiness. Today I challenge you to see beauty in something common and head back here to share the ways you have found joy! Comment below with the beauty you find.

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