Gardening and Marriage: A True Partnership

I do not have a green thumb but I have actively tried to learn to cultivate one this season. GardeningGardening and marriage go hand in hand. I’ll tell you why.

1) Watering. If you take the time to water your plants every day, the fruit will grow in time. This is true of our relationships and friendships. When we spend time together, time is cumulative just like watering. The early days of your marriage are no different. Spend time together every day learning how to build each other up. This simply can be praying for your spouse or having a date night. In the early days I failed a lot at building Conner up with my words. I am FAR from perfect, but day by day, I have grown in the way I speak to Conner and it has transformed our relationship. Water where you are currently planted.

2)Barriers. My berries kept getting attacked by birds. I had to set up barriers to protect the little berries from the predators. This is same for our marriage. Praying for Conner and setting up barriers in our relationship has proven that if we persevere then love always wins.

Be patient in everything but know that for anything to work, you have to do work and work is sometimes messy. Just keep going.

Today, what can you water to build up the seeds where you are currently planted?

What barrier can you put into place to cut out distraction and set yourself up for success?

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