Celebrate Good Times Birthday Vegas Style

If you were to ask anyone “What is Mandy’s Love Language?” They would instantly say party planning. I love a good party and celebrating people. Conner recently had a birthday and we found out he would be speaking in Vegas at a conference during the day of celebration. I couldn’t miss an opportunity to throw confetti in the air and plan a little surprise for him while we were in Vegas. I coordinated with his wonderful parents to spend a few days in the city with us. They flew out, unbeknownst to Conner. I had made reservations for 4 at a restaurant and Conner had no idea. When we went to check-in, the maître d hinted that there would be four people on the reservation and Conner was so confused. The plan was working! His parents were stationed across the lobby and were waiting for a text from me to show up. Conner buried himself into his menu and I fired off the text. His parents came over, whispered happy Birthday into his ear, and the first of the day’s surprises were in motion!

Birthday Lunch

After lunch and some pool side relaxation, we headed over to the Casino. Vegas BirthdayOne thing Conner said was that he wanted to use his personal funds for the month to enjoy some gambling. Since we have a firm “no judgment” rule on each other’s personal funds- I couldn’t really complain. When we arrived to the Casino, we stalled a little bit because there was one more surprise in store. Conner’s sweet Aunt and Uncle from California had driven over to spend his birthday with us, too!

2014-05-21 19.08.42Whew, keeping all these secrets was hard work! Conner was so surprised and we had a nice birthday dinner at Mon Ami Gabi overlooking the Bellagio Fountain Water Show. Best Dinner ever in Vegas.2014-05-21 20.04.43-1What’s a birthday without a little cake? Conner loves, and I mean LOVES, Red Velvet Cake. I had done my research to find the worlds-largest-to-me red velvet sundae. This thing was massive I tell you!

2014-05-21 22.19.02

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