From the Volpe Kitchen: BBQ Style

While trying to pay down our student loans and embrace a healthier life style, it is important for us to eat at home in order to save money. My theory has become that eating out only happens when it was an occasion or we are celebrating. It is important not to eat out if I am going to be alone. this was a huge challenge since Conner is the chef in the family, but travels a lot. This has left me having to get creative in the kitchen and learn a few cooking skills along the way. When Conner is out, I have to stick to basics in an effort to make sure I eat well while not stressing out over the process of cooking. BBQ Chicken DinnerOne night while I was determined to have the flavors of BBQ without the high calories. This led me to getting creative with chicken, vegetables, and BBQ sauce. This was actually a fairly easy meal to make. I just baked some chicken at 350 degrees along with a Grand’s Frozen Biscuit. While that was going on in the oven, I sauteed some okra and squash on the stove in some olive oil. This whole meal ended up being 470 calories! I say that is a win, especially since it was a healthier spin on such a traditional dish. The flavors were plenty and didn’t leave me feeling deprived from the real thing. Hooray for healthy delicious fuel!

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