Quiet Time at 30,000 Feet

One of my favorite things about flying is the loss of connectivity. I am fully aware of how addicted to technology and being socially connected I am. This past year I have made an effort to place my phone face down, rather than constantly press refresh on my social media sites. Now, I am not knocking social media, hello that is my job 90% of my days, but I am frustrated with how being so connected actually disconnects you from the here and now. It disconnects you with the people in front of you and disconnects you with your thinking. So I go back to one of my favorite things about flying…. The 10 minutes from take off to 30,000 feet where you are technology-less. All that is left is being still. I love those moments. Forced stillness to think, reflect, and dump all the things on your mind. I typically carry a journal on flights for this very reason.
Vegas ViewThe true test of pushing past my comfort zone comes at the announcement of “we have now reached 30,000 feet”. I hear everyone scramble to open their devices, connect to wifi, and connect to the world of which they think they lost connection for ten minutes. I chose to stay disconnected. I love flying, love the stillness, and the reflection that brings. So, forgive me if you have read this far and are thinking “she has lost it. Looney Toon party of one”.  People wonder why I love to travel so much and while one of the highlights is experiencing new places and adventures, the root of the love is flying. The solitude on a flight gives a boost to my creative juices. Notebooks filled with crazy ideas turned projects, or to do lists turned into finished tasks. I have joked with Conner before that if I hit a creative road block, I need to find a way to get on a plane. Crazy town, I know. 
That about sums up my love/hate relationship with social media and how forced disconnectivity is good for my soul. Where do you find “stillness” in this busy connected world?
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2 Responses to Quiet Time at 30,000 Feet

  1. gabriellahuck94 says:

    You are so right. It’s only after you put your phone down do you start making memories *puts phone down*

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