Weekend Update: Married Life Runs on Getaways

Sometimes it is nice to have a little overnight getaway. Not far, but far enough to forget about the to-do list and typical routine. Step outside of the usual day-to-day routine and just be adventurous. That is exactly what this weekend was. A break away filled with much needed quality time.10155666_10100845443785799_898491866623493743_n

We headed off to Athens, Georgia with the only thing on the agenda being for Conner to run the Chick-fil-A half marathon and me to cheer him along the way. We brought Brinkley so we naturally had on the agenda to find dog-friendly adventures.

We kicked off the over-night with dinner on the dog friendly patio of East West Bistro. The wait staff were so friendly to Brinkley and the food was AMAZING. Fried goat cheese and lemon risotto for the win.1458647_620555895235_164829355_n

We had fun just exploring along the downtown streets and people watching the college kids. I may have worked on a college campus for many years and graduated not to long ago, but sitting there watching the outfits/demeanor/activities had me feeling old and not-cool. Oh the joys of growing up. Ha!

After dinner we capped off the night with a visit to another patio side bar for some dessert. I kid you not, everything we ate this weekend was amazing. I had no idea Athens was such a foodie town. We will be back. I want to always remember this dessert not really because of the quality of the food but rather the conversation. I love dreaming and planning with Conner and that is exactly what we did.1536654_10100845082544729_6594709407181856768_n

As for the real reason we were in Athens, the CFA half. Conner ROCKED at his 13.1 miles. Finishing at 2:02 finishing, I am beyond impressed. I felt like I was playing a game of hide and seek throughout the entire race as I tried to run ahead of Conner to find the next intersection he would come to and to cheer him on. So proud of his race and how strong he has become in the last 300 days of this healthier lifestyle.10176192_620606029765_2057809895_n

So that, my friends, was our little weekend getaway. Good for the soul and our marriage. I am thankful for moments like these.

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