Fire and Ice Themed Date Night

I don’t know about you, but if we go see a movie, choosing the movie is the hardest part! During Christmas break, I surprised Conner with two surprise date cards. One said Fire, one said Ice. He knew that both envelopes contained two different dates. He had to choose one but didn’t know the contents. 999225_10100739905869629_456122204_n

Half of the fun of the date was hearing what Conner thought was inside of the date cards. Naturally, Fire seemed like it would be a campfire with s’more’s or a dinner at Cracker Barrel (You know, because they have a big hearth fire and all).

For Ice, Conner was convinced ice skating was on the card.

While both would have been fun, neither was correct. Conner decided to choose the Fire Card. The inside card said “Wear a scarf and be ready at 6:00pm”. 2013-12-13 09.06.38The surprise took us to see Catching Fire at Studio Movie Grill. I went a little further and wrote out a “menu” for the night too.  I simply wrote out the dishes that he could choose from at the theater, and gave them movie-themed names. Example: Mockingjay Nachos or Catching Fire Burger”. Cheesy, I know, but I have realized that creative things like this make the date a little more interesting and spice it up!

Now, wondering minds probably want to know what was in the ice card? Well, that was also a movie night, same theater but the clues on the card made it sound like we were going ice skating. The movie would have been Frozen.

Overall, it was a really fun date, and a little outside of the typical box.

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