Love Is In The Air: Couples Shower

This past weekend we hosted a Couple’s Brunch for my sister and future brother-in-law. I thought a Marriage and Mimosa themed party would be fun and something different than the normal chicken salad/beer menu of normal showers. The food consisted of breakfast items such as mini quiches, mini blueberry muffins, and strawberry oat bars. 20140209-153902.jpg

One thing I tried to do was highlight favorite breakfast foods from the couple. For this, I made His and Hers breakfast treats. My sister’s favorite cereal is granola so I made mini parfaits with fruit. Her fiancé’s favorite cereal is  Fruity Pebbles. I simply made his into heart shaped marshmallow treats. Sugar on sugar on sugar.

Since this was a brunch themed couples shower I ditched a traditional cake and went with a donut tower. Luckily since it is Valentine’s Day this week, pink iced donuts existed without having to preorder them from the bakery. Winning! (Do people still say that? Oh well, I do!)


I also mixed it up with a little southern biscuit bar DIY action. Heart shaped biscuits complete with all the fixin’s. I had two types of jam, mustard, cool whip, honey, butter, bacon, and pimento cheese. The biscuits were simple to make since I just used a can of pre-made biscuits and before putting them into the oven pinched them into hearts. This seemed to be a crowd favorite.  20140209-153841.jpg

As for the entertainment (besides a DIY mimosa bar, we had people place date night ideas into a jar for the couple. We also asked a few Newlywed game questions to test how well they actually know each other. You know, the usual suspects… How many kids, who should do the laundry, etc.

Overall, I thought it was a fun take on the traditional Bridal Shower. On to the next party!

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